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I don’t usually stray into stuff this controversial in my happy little blog, but here goes.

Yesterday there was an article in the newspaper about an illegal immigrant who caused an accident while driving drunk and killed a nun.  And the story has been turned into part of the talk about illegal immigration.  There are, admittedly, several issues and troubling things about this story– the tragedy of a person killing another because they were driving drunk, the fact that the guy had had several other arrests for traffic related stuff, two related to drunk driving.  He was set to be deported but had been released while his case was being reviewed. 

These are all issues that need to be addressed.  But then there are all those that are making the comments about the cost of illegal immigrants and how illegal immigrants are committing crimes.  Okay.  Some are.

Yesterday there was also an article about a woman, an American citizen, born and raised here, who killed a few children while she was driving drunk.  And no one is talking about the cost of drunk American citizens living here. 

To me, it’s just another logical fallacy.  What happened to the nun, or anyone, is a tragedy, especially when it’s because someone can’t control their drinking or at least don’t stop themselves from operated a car while in that state.  But fixing our immigration issues, through right or left means, won’t keep tragedies from happening. 

To me, the tragedy is that a drunk man killed another person.  A separate issue is that he had several traffic violations and didn’t get the help or jailtime or whatever could have prevented this.  Him being illegal, because he was brought here as a child, before he even had a choice, doesn’t have anything to do with it.  It’s just a separate part of a bad situation.


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