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I can smell the salt and feel the wind with these pics…

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We’ve had a great summer, me and my girls.


When Azita was a baby, for the first two years of her life really, there were so many things I wanted to do but while finishing my degree and being a mom, and even working for a few months there at my dad’s chiropractic office it just wasn’t possible.  I was too busy and tired and disorganized and consumed with writing and homework to do much of anything but mother Azita and get good grades.

This time around, with Ada, has been wonderful.  Being able to compare working and having a baby with staying home and having a baby, though I do some work on the side (from home mostly) is a gift really… it gives me a perspective about being a “stay at home” mom that I don’t think I would be able to have if I’d only done it one way. 

Who ever knew that a feminist-leaning type of person who didn’t think she would have kids at all or be a housewife would be so content with a summer of nursing kids and gardening?  I think that makes me a new-age feminist… the kind of woman who will have a great career and raise kids how she wants, just now at the same time necessarily.  Not sure on the terminology there, but I’ve heard it talked about.

It’s our garden I’m so proud of this year.  Each year I tried to get things to grow, but never could tend and weed and water it well enough.  This year we’ve got tons of heirloom tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, herbs, I just love it. 

I had to take pictures to document this summer.  I know when my kids are older it’ll be a great memory, this summer.

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